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Creating a more active South London

Coaching & Volunteering

Coaching & Volunteering

To help coaches and volunteers find employment and develop opportunities we can offer support with finding jobs and training courses across London with the Coaching London and Sport Makers websites.

Coaching London

Coaching London supports a range of coaching services provided by PRO-ACTIVE London which are supported by Sports Coach UK and include the following:

  • Increasing the number of coaches accessing coach professional development opportunities and training.

  • Identifying and understanding local needs of coaches.

  • Support local coach networking and learning through the sharing of best practice, news and case studies.

  • Promotion of funding schemes/grants available to coaches.

  • Helping to create a pathway from volunteering, leading into entry level coaching.

  • Promotion of local coaching opportunities for coaches wishing to increase their coaching hours.

  • Provision of coach employment/deployment guidance and training.

The coaching services provided by PRO-ACTIVE London partnerships support the objectives of the Sports Coach UK Coaching Framework. For more information on the 2006 – 2016 Coaching Framework please click here.

The following free services and benefits are available to coaches and coach deployers who register through this site:

  • Create and update an online C.V. of your coaching skills, qualifications and experience to share with potential employers / deployers.

  • Up to date coaching courses and training opportunities.

  • Up to date coaching news including jobs, funding and events.

  • Online support / be part of a local coaching community.

  • Coaches are able to view organisations seeking coaches for voluntary or paid deployment.

  • Organisations are able to promote their coaching opportunities to coaches registered on Coachweb.

  • Opportunity to access local and regional incentive programmes and events targeted at London coaches delivering in London.

To register with Coaching London, click here to create a profile.

Sport Makers

Sport Makers, quite simply, make sport happen.

They bring the inspiration, the support, the organisation or the skill to others. Their passion for sport makes the whole thing possible. 40,000 Sport Makers across the nation are the country’s true sporting heroes, carrying the Olympic flame lit at London 2012 forward.

You can make sport happen however you want for anyone aged 16+. Below are four suggestions for you to consider. It doesn’t matter if you choose one or all of these ways - they all count as long as you record your hours online.

  • Organise sport for your friends

  • Help out a local sports club or event      

  • Use your ability to help others

  • Set up regular sessions and friendly competitions

Sport Makers offers you the chance to find volunteering opportunities as well as record your existing sport making hours to support the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy of inspiring more people to play sport!

To become a Sport Maker, click here to create a profile.



For more information contact:
Brian Thomas, Coaching & Workforce Manager / 020 8726 6000 (ext 60839) 


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