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Creating a more active South London



PRO-ACTIVE South London aim to:

  • Empowering people to help themselves by offering support, advice and guidance
  • Developing relationships and networks that extend, sustain and improve the partnership

To achieve this, PRO-ACTIVE South London offer the following information for Local Authorities, Strategic Partners, Clubs, Leisure Providers, Coaches and Volunteers.


We work with a wide range of partners, including Sport England and National Governing Bodies at national level, Local Authorities, NHS Primary Care Trusts and School Sport Partnerships at regional level, and Clubs, Leisure Providers, Coaches and Volunteers at local level.

A number of networks have been established to achieve a co-ordinated approach to sports development in South London. To find out more about these networks, or to find more details of the partners listed above, go to the Networks section.

Research & Information

We have access to numerous surveys, studies and mapping tools that allow us to provide our partners with information regarding sports participation in their area. This information can be used to provide insight into regional demand, support funding applications or develop targeted marketing plans.

To find out more about the various sources of information that we use and the reports that we can produce, or to view some of our existing research reports, go to the Research section.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

We recognise the need to ensure the welfare of all young people (under 18 years), as well as vulnerable adults who may have a disability, during their involvement in sport and physical activity, regardless of their culture, ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual identity or gender.

We can provide guidance to ensure sporting and physical activity opportunities within South London are provided to the highest possible standard of care. For more information go to the Safeguarding section.

Equality & Diversity

We are committed to promoting and developing sports equality, within our services and programmes and in our work with partner organisations.

For more information go to the Equality & Diversity section.

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